Topic: git-svn, submodules & .gitignore

There are plenty of Git articles out there, but none solved my submodules & git-svn issue.

I have some svn:externals and I've tried translating them into submodules. All works fine, but when I try to do a git svn dcommit, I keep getting fatal: git-cat-file d8856b02245cd2754d012b7b45fcac34472358ca: bad file for the submodules. I have added those paths to .gitignore, but the same thing is happening.

Am I not doing something right here?

Re: git-svn, submodules & .gitignore

The directories that I have added as submodules already existed in SVN. I can confirm that adding the files to .git/info/excludes before dcommiting works as per this post. A small test with a brand new project ensured this DOES work.

SVN can stay with its own externals while Git can have the submodule thing going on.

Who said that you can't have your cake and also eat it? big_smile