Topic: Anyone else notice weird search ranking on Google

For the last 9 months or so my site ( has
appeared in the top 2-5 results for the keywords "free vectors". Since
March 29th my site appears no where in the first few pages. My page
rank is 4 and it hasn't gone down.

It's weird, I haven't used any black hat SEO techniques or made any changes except content updates.

I've heard a few rumors that we are in the middle of a google dance.  My ranking has moved up about 8 slots since last night (still on the 3rd page though), so it could be a google issue.

Has anyone else had their positions on google change?


edit - ohh yeah don't make fun of the site lol, its over a year old and was the first database site (rails or anything else) I've ever done and my designer was out of town at the time smile

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