Topic: More legacy Relationship issues, paginate, find weird named ids

The is a wrap up of my full understanding now of rails and dealing with legacy tables and the future of this projects span.
In short I have had a million and one false finishes with this. I can provide code. But ther must be a simple fub I missed in reading. A Model owns a child. They join into a mega array. They then get filltered down of to the page. But then what gets paginated ?
What of their weird names (ids)?

Customer searches
The Author has books, But only some authors want to show and sell their books to the public relevant to the query

For the Rep
we can see all Books from all authors; but some authors do not have books out yet so we need to return their synopsis of the books they are writing relevant to the query

Issue two is that all these Authors go by the beat of their own drum and have unique ids that reflect the books ids which in cases have letters in those ids in a non auto incrementing way ex: 4409q2

For customer
The search then has to {
Hold :param => :query
Return all authors that want their books read :Yes
then find array of the books :query and return those
Also it has to Paginate and limit the load results so as to save the server on every page turn

For Rep the search needs to
Hold :param => :query
Return All Authors that have a book under :query
If that author does not have books out yet then search its synopsis of books coming out.
Also it has to Paginate and limit the load results so as to save the server on every page turn <-- Cause that list is HUUUUUUGE I mean like the author has like 95 fields per record each and they each have like 30-60 books a piece

Apparently I guess I can get by if I use a Author has_many :books
and Books belongs_to :authors

Author id
Books author_id

But after that purposely creating a new Author with a name like 440e1 does not do the auto incrementing thing

So there you go, several several several tries at learning and trying and bangging my head into the wall just to end up dizzy later...
I can see how easy Rails is to use from scratch; but alas, I am starting from pure crazy legacy stuff sad (d@m filemaker)

I plead for a little more help. tearing through the pick-axe book now, but im just dazed now. My server folk tell me they have Mongrel but the issue stands that every single table must have an auto incrementing id........