Re: Developing in RoR on Ubuntu 8.04

bus387 wrote:

when copy/paste some code from html page to vi , sometimes indents looks bad.

there could be many causes for this, it's probably due to a setting in your ~/.vimrc file.

before you paste, try this in vim:
1. hit escape
2. then type ":set paste"

and now just paste into vim and the indenting should work.

if you'd like to leave paste mode on, permanently, add this to your ~/.vimrc:

set paste

and then source it and carry on using vim.

bus387 wrote:

vim+rails.vim has some plugin to format it? (just like Eclipse Ctrl+shift+F :-)  i am a java guy.

not sure what you mean you want syntax highlighting? or are you just talking about the above indenting problem? i've never used Eclipse.

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Re: Developing in RoR on Ubuntu 8.04

jbartels wrote:

Netbeans 6 kicks ass.

Also on Ubuntu be aware that the way Ubuntu manages gems (using apt/synaptic) is different from gem install. Always use one or the other and you'll be fine, but don't mix them.

I am using the Netbeans 6.1.
I feel very well. If you can use the keywords, you will feel better.

Re: Developing in RoR on Ubuntu 8.04

I used intype while I used ubuntu.
Btw. if you really don't wanna buy maac you can try to install hackintosh on your pc. It could work and you can use textmate then and all the mac goodies.