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I've been using textmate for a year and love it, love it so much. But when working on files on ssh I don't have the luxury. I've been trying to use vi and I must say I hate the program to death. It just seems so clunky even with the hot keys. What makes vim so useful that I seem to be missing,

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If you love TextMate then forget vim.
TextMate is more like emacs and thus
'TextMate vs. vim' is another flavor of
'emacs vs. vi': absolutely pointless

(Finding someone who loves both
emacs and vi is alike finding
someone who loves both fortran and prolog)

VIM is a great text editing machine but
people are different.


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You have yet to discover the power of vim. The problem is the learning curve, actually it is not a curve...

For rapid config file editing nothing can beat vim.

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I am a big fan of vim myself. I also think if you are working efficiently in your editor you should stick with that. If you are just hoping to improve your skills a little for when you need it there's a pile of tutorials out there that will give you a little better grasp of vim and maybe make you respect it more.

I use rails.vim plugin for my projects and it does a lot of textmate type actions for you.

Might want to try that out if you have not seen it. Make a folder .vim/ in your home directory and unzip the file inside there. There are some other great vim plugins out there. snippetsEmu is another that you can find on that will give you a bunch of predefined snippets for languages which you are probably a big user of coming from textmate.

Oh Last thing, tpope the author of rails.vim has a nice little video on his page showing off rails.vim if you want to see what it's all about.

Hope that helps a little.

I guess if the only question is what makes vim useful is how easily it can be extended to do what you want. When I started to learn rails I drooled over textmate myself and I been a long time vim user. The great thing about vim is if you start looking at plugins you can mimic textmate pretty easily. That is what makes it useful in my eyes.

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Actually going off of the pope plugin how do you install it in leopard. I understand the directions but since Vim is pre-installed there is no /.vimrc in my home. I don't like installing programs yet again because I'm still confused on how much it'll muck up my install.  Also do some of these scripts need to be compiled with vim?

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Not a OSX user but all you gotta do is make a .vim directory in $HOME and then extract the plugin into that directory. As far as a .vimrc just touch .vimrc and add what you want to it if anything. Don't need one for the plugin to work though.

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Vim rocks, best editor ever.