Topic: partial hack needs refactoring

I made this for my rails project in order to upload all files in a local directory into a photo album, but the code is messey. If you can think of any good refactoring ideas that would be awesome!

def add_mass_photos(id)
    album = Album.find(id)
    folder_path = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/photo/new"

    #Obviously this all needs recoding
    d = 
    array = d.to_a

   # I guess this could be refactored too
    for photo in array
      @file = + "/" + photo )
        @temp = =>, :album_id =>, :file => @file)
        if !
          puts "error"

Re: partial hack needs refactoring

Not much to do actually. 

I'd refactor the entire folder_path into an environment file


And then just use FOLDER_PATH in the method.

Where you're looping over the photos... that section doesn't need to be using instance variables (@) but could be using local variables instead.

You could pull that loop out into its own method for easier testing.  It seems to be a fairly well defined thing, after all.

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