Topic: Passwords standards project?

Hi All.

I have an idea.  Please let me know what you all think...

I hate passwords.  Well, sorta.  I hate that every site has different standards on what a password should be. 

I have four personal passwords that I use.  They each represent different levels of security.  For instance I have an easy to type, medium security password for common logins, like forums and chat sites.  I then have a more complicated variation of that password for higher security sites, like ecommerce sites where I have credit info stored.  Then I have a completely different password (that google rated "very secure") for my email accounts, and another like it for my financial sites.

What bugs me to no end is when a site, like the US Postal Service's site, says that my passwords don't meet their password rules.  So in addition to my four passwords with various levels of security written in, I have to keep another 8-10 passwords to use on sites that have stupid password rules.

Now, I know password rules help that site force their users (mainly those lacking tech-savy) to adopt secure passwords, but what about when an experienced user like me comes in wanting to use a familiar yet secure password that doesn't fit their rules?  It is frustrating!

So here's my idea, and I really want to know what people think about this?

What if a web developers community like ourselves were to produce a passwords standardization system?  We could develop standard password rules for varying levels of security and then promote the acceptance of these standards.  We could also write plugins, snippets, and code blocks that could test an input for compliance with the standards.  Projects like microformats and OpenID have done this before with success.

What do you all think?  Would anyone want to help me with that?