Topic: Setting up Rails Program in subfolder

I have a pretty basic question that I am asking simply because I am not too familiar with the best way to do this. I am putting up my Rail project in a subfolder initially to make sure everything is functioning properly before I make it completely public. I have gotten over the major hurdles with 500 error and now this is all that is left. I copied my project to the following folder.

Currently when I access it I go to Each page works great, but none of the links work. When I try them they go to instead of . What is the best way to configure  the project to work from .

Whenever I try to RewriteBase or use an Alias it doesn't seem to work.

Any help would be wonderful.

I should also add that I am in an environment that doesn't let me create vhosts in apache.

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Re: Setting up Rails Program in subfolder

Have you tried symlinking? That usually works. Just symlink the public folder into your doc root.

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