Hey all.  I'm a big fan of ROR and have been using it for some time.  Thanks for all the help that you have provided here however this forum seems strange to me.

Does it seem wierd that this is a ruby forum written in PHP??  Just seemed odd.



When you really think about it, its not as strange as the countless rails coders who blog on wordpress or blogger. Heck, the rubyonrails site itself is a simple PHP app.

I think its just a case of using the best tool for the job. There are a few rails forums out there, but so far none of them offer the features of the more mature php applications.


Good point.  I wasn't criticizing, just found it a bit odd. heh.  I'd like to see what others think/feel about this.


It might get even odder -- we've been looking at switching to vBulletin. wink

Someday, I am confident that Rails Forum will be run on a great Rails-based forum app.  For now, though, PHP apps in that area are just way more mature and suited to the task. smile

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We should get a group of rails programmers from here to come together and develop one and when its mature enough, use it here.  I think that would be the ultimate in community participation.

As for vBulletin, unless theres some admin features I don't see, I see no need for the switch.  This forum IMHO is very clean and user friendly.  I'd stick w/ this for now.  If you plan on making any changes I'd propose a vote to all members here in the form of a forum post w/ the pros vs cons and see what everyone else has to say.