Topic: Monitoring Tools

What tools do you use to monitor your development or production environment and what are you monitoring?

I just installed mod_rails and am curious about it's memory/cpu usage. It seems like when I load a page in development, my entire computer locks up until the request is complete. So, I'd like to see what's going on.

Re: Monitoring Tools

The classic Linux tools ps and top are always the first place I look. It lets me know if its the server, the ruby interpreter, or the database thats slow.

Monitoring the response times in the production and development logs will identify slow pieces of code. glTail is a neat tool that helps visualize how the application is doing based on those logs.

As an aside, how do you like mod_rails?

Re: Monitoring Tools

Not really under "monitoring" but profiling will help you see whats going on with your app. (for mysql statements)

As for real monitoring, I haven't found anything that would really let me know what my mongrels are up to and how they are doing, but I have god ( ) keeping an eye on them for when they die or get out of hand.

Re: Monitoring Tools

I really like glTail. Wow, it's sort of pretty and very useful. Thanks for that one!

mod_rails is nice, man. It feels like my environment is more streamlined. I like it a lot better than running "script/server" and CTRL+C. You should at least give it a go if you haven't yet. It took all of 20 minutes to setup (I had some minor problems due to my lack of knowledge of Apache stuff.)

I like too that restarting my rails app is simply a "touch restart.txt" It's pretty slick!