Topic: acts_as_taggable Model Names

Is there a way to specify a different name for "tags" with acts_as_taggable (plugin). For example, say you have a movie, and you want to "tag" it with a number of genres (especially helpful if I want to keep tags for blog posts apart from tags for movies in an archive or something). could you do something like this:

acts_as_taggable :model => "genre"

or does acts_as_taggable only accept "Tags" as a modelname.


Re: acts_as_taggable Model Names

When I use it, it automatically uses the Model that I want tags.  So when you want a genre to have a tag, it uses the genre model, or if you want the title to have a tag, it uses the title model.

Re: acts_as_taggable Model Names

Thanks, jwcooper, but that's not exactly what I meant. I mean if I want to associate a model called movie with another called genre (and I want the genre to behave like tags and to use acts_as_taggable to inform that behavior) is it possible?

Thanks again and Happy holidays.