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I'm having a deployment issue when I try to deploy using capistrano, I'm getting the following output below; my command prompt just pauses at that point. It seems to be looking for my username for subversion repository, however, I'm unable to type anything in. Before this point I've been asked for my password for the repository twice which was successful.

The setup went fine i.e. when I ran rake setup, everything ran without any errors.

My developmenet environment in win xp & i'm deploying to dreamhost.

** [out ::] Authentication realm: <> myrailsdomain
** [out ::] Username:

Has anybody else come across this or has success with deploying using capistrano?


Re: Deploying using capistrano

I don't know what t he problem could be, but these might help: … ANET+ARGON … dreamhost/ … 26454.html

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Re: Deploying using capistrano

You have to define the svn username and password in your deploy file.  A quick google will turn up the results.

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Thanks for that, I had the wrong user listed for svn user,

I'm now getting this:

sudo /home/"username"/

"username" is not in the sudoers file.

the "username" does exist and is the admin of the site so the script
should have no problem doing its deployment thing, right?

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Re: Deploying using capistrano

You should either configure cap to not use sudo, or setup your sudoers file to allow that user to sudo.

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How do you do both/either?

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If you have sudo on your machine you want to just edit you /etc/sudoers file, I can't remember the exact syntax, but you could find it with a quick google.  The capistrano manual also tells how to not use sudo in a recipie

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So I set sudo to be false in deploy.rb which fixed the 'sudo' issue

and now I'm getting this error when deploy tries to start the fcgi process:

Couldn't find any process matching: dispatch.fcgi

any ideas on how I might fix this?

here's the output I'm getting

  * executing "chmod a+x /home/myuser/
    servers: [""]
    [] executing command
    command finished
** transaction: commit
  * executing task restart
  * executing "ruby /home/myuser/
ss/reaper --dispatcher=dispatch.fcgi"
    servers: [""]
    [] executing command
** [out ::] Couldn't find any process matching: dispatch.fcgi
    command finished

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