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Hello people big_smile

Im just dropping it to let you know where you can find a bunch of RoR tutorials. My site, TutorialDash has recently added a Ruby on Rails tutorial category. The aim is to get as many tutorials all indexed together into one place so people can find them easily. So far from all the Google searches I have done I didnt find a single place where there were RoR tutorials indexed together like this so I thought I would fill in the gap.

You can see the RoR category at … ils/page/1

Ok so heres what Im asking of you..

If you know of any websites which have got RoR tutorials please submit them for inclusion onto
If not then no worries big_smile

Theres no need to register or anything to submit the tutorials by the way - and it only takes a second or two. Simply go to to submit one.

By submitting a tutorial you will be helping users of RoR because they will have a central location to find tutorials and guides to learn from.

Thank you

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Nice site, I posted a couple tuts.

I would recommend adding a View sub-category.

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They have been verfied and added to the site.

A catgeory called View?

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Views, or RHTML or something for the front end presentation part of rails.

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Ok Ive added a Views subcategory.


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Just to remind you Im still looking for RoR tutorial submissions.