Topic: How to display validation messages after redirection?


In my controller code if my model does not save correctly, I redirect to another controller. How do I show the model.errors validation messages in the redirected page?

Currently I have a workaround like this:



   { |key, message|
     flash[:notice]=flash[:notice] + message
   redirect_to ....

But I feel that there might be a better solution that I'm missing, would appreciate it if anyone could point it out, thanks a lot!

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Re: How to display validation messages after redirection?

The custom at the moment is to do something like this:

  redirect_to comment_path(@comment)
  # or, if you're not using map.resources:
  # redirect_to :action => 'show', :id =>
  render :action => 'edit'

Since the model errors can't make it through a page redirect it's customary to just render the form.

If you *need* to redirect you could put the model in the session and set up a before_filter that catches the model from the session so the errors are preserved.