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I have gone through every tutorial on scaffolds. It is one of the first lessons in any Rails book/guide. I have an Oracle database, and the OCI adapter is working just fine. I am using Rails 1.0.0 (an environment constraint). I type ./script scaffold ProductRequest. I have a product_requests table, and the primary key is product_request_id (and I have set this in the model).

When I go to http://localhost:3000/product_requests/list I see a lot of Show - Edit - Destroy, but no data, and no columns. If I click Show, or Edit, I just see a button, with no text fields, and no data. The url for these is correct (I think) at http://localhost:3000/product_requests/show/9883848. No guide mentions this problem, and I searched the forums also, with no luck. It seems to be an outdated issue, and maybe Oracle/OCI specific. If there is a hack so that I can tell my model what columns to grab, that's what I need to know.

Thanks in advance.

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I have put all the basic things in place and you will find it a working tutorial for Ruby on Rails 2.1.

I have covered Model, Controller and Views in detail and you will find a nice example on scaffolding.

If you like this tutorial then please share it with others....Oh yes...if you have any feedback then please definitely send it to me.


Re: Scaffold not pulling column names

I seem to be having the same problem and can't figure it out. Did you ever figure out the issue?


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You can refer this book to find the solution easily: