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I'm an absolute beginner to ruby and rails. I'm trying to develop a financial application. I'm done with scaffolding and most of the changes i wanted to make in the scaffolded code. there's one thing though, that i havent been able to implement.
I have a model Transaction for transactions that are made. It has a date field, for the date on which the transaction was made. I want the user to be able to select a date and then be able to see all the transactions made after that date. I've tried a few things but nothing seems to work.
Its a big step, learning a new language and a framework at the same time, while you're developing an application which you actually need to deploy. The reason I shifted to RoR was because I didn't have a lot of time. I made considerable progress in very less time but now i'm absolutely stuck.
Navjot Kukreja

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What have you tried so far? How is the date field stored in your database?
This is probably as simple as something like

The controller that displays the list:
@transactions = Transaction.find(:all, :conditions => "date_field >= #{chosen_date}"

Where chosen_date is whatever date you're matching with.

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Date field is stored as type date. Getting the date i want to compare with to the controller is the problem i'm facing. please tell me how do i make the view AND controller for this. with stress on how to get the desired date value to compare with to the controller.
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thank you