Topic: Problem Running WEBrick

Thats not even close to the full description of the problem.  Let me explain.

I was following a tutorial, and they mention that I might want to try installing InstantRails for simplicity.  I go ahead and do so. (Just to make sure I did not mess up anything).

I run the test, everything runs flawlessly.

However...  Since that test/download/install, I purchased 2 books, one was "The Ruby Way", the other being "Agile Web Development with Rails".  In the second book, it mentions making a very simplistic application, then starting the webrick standalone webserver to view the page.  When trying to start webrick, it gave me a huge error.  I am not sure why though.  (I am not at home currently so I can not give the exact error), but was wondering if anyone could think of the reason why...  Thanks!

Re: Problem Running WEBrick

Getting a "huge" error message when running WEBrick, huh? Well, I'd check to make sure you don't have it running already. That's the #1 problem. It runs on port 3000 by default, and if you've done some InstantRails stuff and got one of the Mongrel instances for that running on the same port, WEBrick will dump.  So check into that first, then if that doesn't work, post the error messages you get.