Topic: Ruby on Rails 2.1 Books

Can anyone tell me which books are for Ruby on Rails 2.1?

Re: Ruby on Rails 2.1 Books

Hi there,

I'm currently working through the new 3rd Edition of 'Agile Web Development with Rails' and also the Sitepoint Rails book ( the newer v2 one ).  They are probably good candidates..

Agile is currently in Beta, but the depot application is good for 2.1

cheers, Dave

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Hi Dave,
Heard a lot about them. I will be following progresses on them.
Don't keep us waiting much time!

Re: Ruby on Rails 2.1 Books

I am currently working through the "Simply Rails 2" book also and it seems pretty awesome so far.

Also, you should certainly check out and for some good information on the new 2.1 version of Rails.