Topic: Trouble with InstantRails Setup

First, I am already running an Apache server and Mysql server for my php applications and I need to keep these active while I learn RoR.  I downloaded the latest versions of Ruby and InstantRails and installed them as per the directions.  I turned off my other servers and it worked as expected - I was able to connect to the two included apps.  I made a few configuration changes and that is where things started to go wrong - I couldn't access the sample apps.  Tried various solutions but never had real success. So I need some step-by-step help to get me going if anyone is up to the task.

The first thing I need to do is get the InstantRails servers working on ports other than the 80 for Apache and 3306 for mysql and do any other configuration to instant rails. I am quite happy to use webrick for all the development but setting up Apache and Mysql on different ports is useful for the future.  I should also setup subversion to keep current so I don't have to relearn these processes in the future.

Second is to get mysql setup with a root password (I do need one of these don't I) and a user password that I can use on the apps. Then setup the apps to work with the new password. I believe this is where my problems started in the first place.

Finally, I want to create a new app to follow the agile rails development book.  This and other tutorial apps will be run off line.

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Re: Trouble with InstantRails Setup

I am trying to do the same thing and follow the book. I am just having trouble with rake rails:freeze:edge becasue rails doesn't recognize subversion. Any help?

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