Topic: Autocomplete with belongs_to to display two fields combined

I found an autocomplete tutorial and modified it to work in my site, but I was wondering if there was a way to get it to combine two database fields when it pops up?  I have the city name in one field and the state in another.  I have it where the city pops up but I'd like it to pop up with "name, state".  Thanks for any help.

Application Helper

  def indexed_auto_complete_result(entries, entityType, field, index)
    return unless entries
    items = { |entry| content_tag("li", entry[field], "id" => entityType+'::'+entry[index].to_s) }
    content_tag("ul", items.uniq)

  def auto_complete_for_city_name
    find_options = {
      :conditions => [ "LOWER(name) LIKE ?", params[:city][:name].downcase + '%' ],
      :order  => "name ASC",
      :limit  => 10
    @cities = City.find(:all,find_options)
    render :inline => "<%= indexed_auto_complete_result @cities, 'company_city_id', 'name', 'id' %>"

<p><label for="city_name">City</label><br/>
<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :city, :name, { :size => 40 }, { :after_update_element => 'auto_complete_on_select' } %></p>
<%= hidden_field :company, :city_id  %></p>

function auto_complete_on_select(element, selectedElement)
  var entityParts ='::');
  var entityType = entityParts[0];
  var entityId   = entityParts[1];
  document.getElementById(entityType).value = entityId;

P.S. This may be a better left as a new post but is there a way to make sure a person can only pick a city/state in the database so even if they keep typing and mistype or whatever it pops up an error?  Thanks again.