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What load balancer are people currently using? mod_proxy_balancer for apache is quite poor for any busy application, does anyone have any configuration tips or perhaps are using a different solution that allows more requests per second. Do you have a host that allows Hardware load balancing on plans, I only know of Joyent that offers hardware load balancing, and only on their plans $100/month up. Anyone got anything interesting?

EDIT: After some digging I have found that some people have nginx proxying and capable of 8k-10k requests/sec, I don't know how accurate this is but it is quite a step up from 150 reqs/sec available to mod_proxy_balancer so I'd say I'll head this way with the project I have in development.

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I have used Nginx and it should not be a bottleneck, it can easily handle a lot of traffic.
Hardware load balancing is used when you need more advanced stuff, like sending a user to a specific server by a cookie, or need high availability and failover. It's quite expensive.

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Yes I know nginx shouldn't be, I wasn't aware of it capabilities when I first posted, and was looking to avoid apache loadbalancing issues with mod_proxy_balancer.


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I use two linux boxes as loadbalancers. They are in failover setup using heartbeat (, so one of them is bored to tears waiting for the other one to break down. I use linux virtual server with lvs-kiss for the loadbalancing.