Topic: about open-flash-chart and PHP

HI~i am a new user for OFC.

now , I hope use two text box for querrying  Mysql database.

Two text box setup start date between end date.

when user querry start_date to end date, they can use OFC to get chart.

everybody have do the same case ? or give me a method.   thanks^^

Re: about open-flash-chart and PHP

I assume you are using Rails ... there is a plugin for OFC for rails.
Check here - … rails-ofc2
More examples here -

Re: about open-flash-chart and PHP

Thanks for your method provided ^^

but,i never use Rail.

Why the Rail have pluging ? OFC and Rail are realationship ?

Have PHP not OFC pluging for my case function ?

excuse&#12288;me, my problem is too much.  >"<

Re: about open-flash-chart and PHP

This is a Rails forum. If your problem is with PHP you should probably find an appropriate place to ask about your problem.