Topic: Pluralisation Bug

Hey Guys,

This is my first post. I must admit I've been struggling with Rails since installing it. Through no fault of you guys, or in fact as a result of all the development you've been doing, most of the tutorials are out of date. I've also found pluralisation a little confusing (like many) but I'm following what you've forced onto me.

I spotted an interesting bug. The plural of dive is dives as expected. However,

map.resources :dives

creates paths new_dife, formatted_new_dife etc.

Oh, I'm using the latest Ubuntu install which claims it is 2.0.2

In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, pluralisation is a programming style and I can understand the pedantic reason for it. However, trying to follow irregular English pluralisations is really a headache that you've decided to take on for no particular gain except to force non-English speakers to get out the dictionary!

best wishes.

Re: Pluralisation Bug

You can overide the settings my adding to the inflector config file in tyour configuration directory.

Toby Hede
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