Topic: [HELP] Starting a new Rails project

Hi there,

I'm intending to start a new new project from scratch and I wanted some advice on how to plan the beginning stages.

My project will be a simple website that is mostly static HTML, but has a few pages that display lists of products, these pages will be dynamic Rails pages, there will be CRUD pages to manage these product pages also.

There will also be a member authentication system, but that's about all that needs to be handled by Rails, ultimately I intend to subscribe to RESTful practices.

I've previously followed online tutorials for creating quick blogs and nice little tricks in Rails, but mostly they seem for sites that rely heavily on it's output.

Any advice on how to set things up to begin with would be really appreciated.



Re: [HELP] Starting a new Rails project

For the member authentication system, I highly recommend the tutorial on this site:

I completed a similar project recently, but mine had more features:

Even for 'static' pages, I still used rails. I created a pages resource to manage the static pages' content.

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Re: [HELP] Starting a new Rails project

Thanks for the reply schmidtjra,

I've had a look through that link you said and it looks like the kind of thing I want, cheers.

What do you mean exactly by a pages resource?

Any more tips anyone can give me would be appreciated.

Re: [HELP] Starting a new Rails project

Step yourself through … rd-edition and you'll be good to go.

It's a solid investment if you're going to be serious about Rails and you'll constantly go back to it as a reference.