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I'm interested in getting a VPS, adding ruby on rails and using this as my hosting server for all client work.  The VPS will have individual client login accounts for their own hosting.

My question is can I do this and run multiple rails applications on different client hosting accounts on the VPS and the whole thing run smoothly?  I'm new to rails so any applications wouldn't be too complex other than simple data driven websites.

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I probably shouldn't reply because I'm not experienced in this regard; but, from my understanding a VPS is a good solution for a Rails application. As long as there is enough memory (and other resources) you should be able to host multiple Rails apps on it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

See episode 12 of the sd.rb podcasts. It suggests using a VPS for rails hosting.

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Re: Rails on VPS

Thanks Ryan for your feedback. Haven't checked out the podcast yet but I've got it on my to-do list.

Re: Rails on VPS

I agree with Ryan in that memory is going to be your bottleneck.  A Rails app has 1 or more 'instances' in memory.  Whether your server is fastcgi on Apache or (much better) Mongrel you're going to have ~30MB memory used for each instance.

So if you had ten client websites each with two instances running you'd have to have a minimum of 600MB.  It adds up pretty quickly.

I'd recommend starting with the cheapest VPS on some host that lets you upgrade the plan later.  Eventually you may want to colocate your own box in some datacenter.  You could get a really cheap box that simply has a lot of RAM and you'd be fine.