Topic: TimeZones: Hopefully a simple problem?

Hello all.

I'm based in the UK (tz: BST (GMT+1:00)) but the rails server I'm using is in the US (tz: PDT)

I want to get Rails to output all times in my time zone by default.

I know I can set "config.active_record.default_timezone = :utc" in environments.rb, but because BST is +1:00 ahead for daylight savings at the moment, all my times are an hour behind.

I have glanced at the TimeZone module docs, but that seems to be if I want to do the calculations manually (although I grant you I may be missing something obvious.)

Is there an automatic/easier way?


Re: TimeZones: Hopefully a simple problem?

Unfortunately, if you want Daylight Savings Time support you'll need to download the tzinfo library and use the tzinfo_timezone plugin. There's some more info in the comments here:

(Yay the Rails trac is back up!)

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