Topic: More deployment woes....

First some database issues:

  I'm using PostGreSQL on FreeBSD.  I installed 'gem install postgres" (after exporting the environmental variable mentioned at all the websites about FreeBSD/Rails/Postgres).  The native driver builds without error or warning.  However attempts to use it still have the "No such file to load -- postgres" error.  If I install the less efficient "gem install postgres-pr" the database connectivity works.  For now, I'm in an alpha test, so I can live with the "pure ruby" as opposed to the native driver, but I'ld like to get the better driver working.  Does anyone have any idea where I should look?

Second, I've gotten a cluster of mongrels working, and can view the application on ports 8000, 8001, and 8002.   When I uncomment the "#address:", commit and re-deploy, however, the three mongrels are still publicly viewable.  I thought that changing to was supposed to lock them down.  Following a few other websites I tried changeing to address: localhost, and still the 3 mongrels are publicly accessible.  How do I lockdown the mongrel_cluster?  (Before I proceed onto the configuring the apache front end....)

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