Topic: Recommended Graph module?

Hi All,

I'm looking for a recommendation for a powerful graphing module.  I've tried Gruff, and it doesn't do what my clients are looking for.  In particular, their requirements include:

- arbitrary colour selection
- arbitrary graph sizing
- legend displayed or hidden
- stacked bar type
- horizontal bar type
- 3D exploded pie type

Preferably, it would be something that produces an image, so I can slot it into my existing controller that produces graphs using the Gruff module.  My clients will consider both free and commercial modules - we just need something good, and in a hurry.

Duncan Bayne

Re: Recommended Graph module?

I haven't heard of much besides Gruff.  An option that might work would be to pay Geoffrey Grosenbach (the author of Gruff) to extend it to match your needs.  It's worth dropping him a line at least.