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I find it funny how there is a ton of rails tutorials on how to write a blog yet there isn't (as far as I know) a decent rails blogging engine out there. Sure there are a few rails blogs but all of them are... lets say, rough around the edges. I wonder why that is, maybe there isn't much of a need for a rails blogging engine, maybe most developers hack together their own blog that suits their needs?

Is there a decent rails blog out there hiding away in the shadows?

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We've been using Mephisto for almost a year now and it's holding up well smile

(we've used it for the whole site too, not just the blog section)

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I have tried out Mephisto, Typo and simplelog. None of them come anywhere close to Wordpress and I'm not even a big WP fan. They are all a bit clunky, rough and infrequently updated.

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I've heard some decent things about Enkei, never used it though as I don't have a blog yet.

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Do you have the url for Enkei, nothign comes up in google.

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I can't spell it apparently. Enjoy.

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I'm looking at after realizing the mephisto liquid tags are much like writing PHP and half of the mephisto documentation links to 404 pages. no thx! I'm just starting Ruby so hopefully enki will be as cool as it seems.

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Have enki up and I'm integrating my CSS etc which will take at least a couple of weeks. My initial observations on Enki:

- because enki isn't very popular i was suspicious to even try it
- google enki you'll see what i mean smile
- installed it with no problem

Working with it:
- nice simple admin section
- very lean starter pages but include a lot of basics, i like it
- emailed the creator to say nice job, i hope he will keep up the project however it looks like it's a 'take it and run' type of app.

My goal is to learn some Ruby but mostly get my blog going. Enki looks like a great way to do both.

Bottom Line:
There is no mystery to Enki, it's a cleanly written app that doesn't hold your hand but which is saying to you "Run with me!"


edit: I found a googlegroup for enki

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Hello all. I am now developing totally new Rails blog engine. it is called RBlog.

Now it is under heavy development. I think that public release 0.3 will be ready in February.

It has some really good features.

You don’t need to enter admin side to create new post. Do it from index page easy and fast!

All content in RBlog is divided into different types. Each type has it’s own great features.

RBlog is fully multiuser engine. Now i am working on system of ratings for users.

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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to say that Enki is the best that I've found thus far.  Sure, it doesn't have all the features of wordpress, but it's a great place to start.  Hopefully someone comes along and uses Enki as the foundation of a fully featured rails blog.

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Refinery has a nice blogging engine that can be installed. Haven't tried Enki and I know it doesn't stand up to the blogging power of wordpress, but it's defintely nice, and convenient that it's part of a great CMS. It's definitely worth checking out.