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Hi guys,

Could anybody give me information what the adv and disadv if I do the geocoding from controller using google map API? Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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Well, it all depends on what you want to do with it really.

The advantage is, you can geocode anything from an IP Address to a physical address and convert it to coordinates, and display it with Google Maps right in your application, whatever your trying to write. The only disadvantage I can even think of is sometimes the API goes down, but that can be alleviated by using Yahoo Maps as a secondary API. The world would have to end in order for both to not work tongue.

With Rails is relatively easy too. Someone already took the time to write a plugin to help you do it called GeoKit. If you download that and YM4R into your rails app, and it makes your job alot of easier. Just Google the 2 plugins to get the URL. Then just run a "script/plugin install <url>" for each.

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Ic, thank you for your response.

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Your welcome. smile

If you run into a snag along the way, just let me know. Tying to communicate with the mapping API's can get a tad bit tricky sometimes.

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How do you configure Geokit?  I installed Geokit and I have no configuration anywhere?!

- [F] geokit

I = Installed
F = Frozen
R = Framework (loaded before rails starts)

Any ideas?!

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I've setup geokit in a mashup I started (but need to finish it sadly wink

Here's the GeoKit documentation … ndex.html, this should get you going. A really good book I have that you could benefit from playing around with various API's is called "Building Ruby on Rails Web Mashups" by Packt Publishing … amp;sr=8-1

It covers all kinds of API's, from Monster, CareerBuilder, CraigsList, Yahoo, Google, Flickr, etc...

I think you'd enjoy it as much as I do.

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From my experience, the advantage is that geocoding in Google Maps API is easy to use, just a piece of codes and the job will be done. The disadvantage is that it is not accurate all the time, I've seen quite a few times that it translates a foreign location to somewhere in United States, like Jersey - Jersey, a place in UK, is translated to somewhere in New Jersey.

I general, I recommend geocoding in Google Maps API. I myself use it to build services, like, a package tracking service that combines traditional text tracking information with Google Maps.

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