Topic: Levyo image gallery ajax

When I visit programming talk I find out a hot topic talking about Levyo Ajax Technology Gallery. Their site is at demo at .They build Ajax application on PHP, Mysql. Their gallery runs so fast, especially when I login, register, submit, rate, write comment, upload, process, Tab feature... It's great.

How can they do especially "unlimited tab feature", you can add new category in Admin CP, it generates new Tab automatically?

Well ... well Levyo Ajax Gallery has support IE 6.x & 7.x, Firefox 2.x, Netscape 8.x, not only just Microsoft products (IE). Cool.. yup ... but the price is still rather "hight". Hix ... guys, do you know another Gallery built on Ajax like them. I see some but not cool if compare with them. 100% actions of their gallery are built on ajax