Topic: SImple if statement logic refactor

Is there a better way of writing out this logic?

@conditions = {}

if params[:category] == "all" or params[:category].blank?
#don't do anything at all
   @conditions[:sub_cat_option] = params[:cat]

Re: SImple if statement logic refactor

unless params[:category] == "all" or params[:category].blank?
   @conditions = {:sub_cat_option => params[:cat]}

Re: SImple if statement logic refactor

My preferred is similar to the above.

@conditions = {:sub_cat_option => params[:cat]} unless params[:category].blank? || params[:category] == "all"

I prefer the nil check to be first however which is why I reversed the parameter checks.  Suppose that the category could be "ALL" sometimes.  A maintainer in the future could simply slap a .downcase on the if statement causing a failure when the category is nil (nil.downcase = boomage...)

# This code is wrong
@conditions = {:sub_cat_option => params[:cat]} unless params[:category].downcase == "all" || params[:category].blank?

I also prefer the vertical bar 'or' operator.  Something about a subtle precedence difference, I believe, but I can not put my finger on it now.

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