Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Dave
Age: 27
Occupation: Security Guru by trade
Location: Taxachusetts
What brought you to Rails Forum? Google I believe
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? Freelance stuff mostly, but I wouldn't mind making a career out of it.  Wonderful way to code.


Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi, thought I should introduce myself.

Name: Chris Gaunt
Age: 25
Occupation: Applications Developer (PDA and web/intranet)
Location: Bedford, UK
What brought you to Rails Forum?
I wanted to join a forum that I could help others and learn about Ruby & Rails
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails?
For my personal web projects and.... at work! I'm developing a business intranet application in Rails. I was lucky enough to be allowed to use Rails instead of PHP.

class Broth < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one_too_many :cooks

Re: Introduce yourself!

My name is Don.
I'm 33
I live in Central NY
I'm working on a Computer Science Degree and have dabbled with PHP, Visual Basic, ASP.Net and of course JavaScript and HTML.
I have an art background and Web Design background and that lead me to Ruby on Rails. I heard about it from Leo Laporte on one of his many podcasts and thought that it would be a great thing to learn so here I am! I'm working out of the book Agile Web Development with Rails and I'm about  100 pages in.
I'm in the planning stages for a site that I hope to have up by August and found this forum in hopes of gaining some insight from those that have more knowledge in this environment (read: everyone!)

Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Matt
Age: 17
Location: Canada
Occupation: Student, grocery clerk ( sad )
What brought you to Rails Forum?
Not entirely sure.  Probably Google when I was looking for every little tidbit I could learn about Rails
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails?
Sadly, not at all (except for learning).  I love writing code in Ruby though.  Much better than PHP.

I don't have much of a background in web design (about...2 years or so), which I started just doing Photoshop slicing (I mean...who didn't).  I then learned how to use HTML and CSS to actually make the page decent looking, and moved onto PHP just last year.  I liked it, simply for the fact that it made things dynamic!  I never really got proficient in it however, because it was such a pain to code in.  I always wanted to do OOP, but the $this-> syntax always threw me off.  Felt so tacked on (probably because it was, essentially).

I'm starting Engineering at the University of Calgary next year, and I'd love to take Software Engineering, but I don't know if it's worth it because of the numerous amounts of software engineers around.  I might just keep doing programming as a hobby or something.  I'm also planning on taking a minor in business studies.

Yeah...I think I rabbled on about myself enough. big_smile

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Eric
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Location: Croatia
What brought you to Rails Forum? Google
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? Still learning it.

Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: a.k.a jjk2
Age: 20 years old
Occupation: Finance/Economics Undergrad
Location: Canada

What brought you to Rails Forum?
No one uses railsweenie.com much anymore, so naturally i moved to here.

How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? projects for my friends venture business, mostly as hobby. A year ago i didnt know jack about websites. A month after learning php, i knew it was the end of the road, i didn't have enough talent. but thankfully with rails, i am having fun.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: carmelyne
Age: Let's not ask this again smile
Occupation: Sr. Web Dev
Location: Chicago, IL
What brought you to Rails Forum? googled "acts_as_tree tutorial" and found more good info on this forum and some very helpful folks.
How do you use Ruby/RoR? freelance projects; taking the best practices and applying it's methodology to other projects not in rails; catalyst for learning; fun

<= Will buy you beer for some Ruby Help

Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Riel Roussopoulos
Age: 37
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Location: Vancouver BC
What brought you to Rails Forum? Google search for Rails forums
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? I'm the lead strategist / product manager for XLsuite an open source CRM/ERP/CMS application built entirely on Ruby on Rails.


Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Joost Baaij
Age: 31 years
Occupation: Freelance coder; web applications
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
What brought you to Rails Forum? Increasing Rails adoption and shameless self-promotion
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? One large app running and one equally large is under way, professionally. In the mean time I am building a great little app that emails the future. Cryptic? Yes. So you should check it out, at this stage would like beta testers and early adopters. at www.l8r.nu

email the future with www.l8r.nu

Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Mukund
Age: 31 years old
Occupation: Recent Grad
Location: Arlington, TX.

What brought you to Rails Forum?
Hang out with fellow ROR, get suggestions & advice

How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails?
Working on 2 projects and plan on getting some investments to do a startup

Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Rich
Age: 32
Occupation: QA by Day / Rails by Night
Location: Rochester, NY
What brought you to Rails Forum?
I've been using Rails since Jan '06.  Not sure how I found this fantastic Forum.
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails?
Ruby is my first real attempt at picking up a computer language.  Rails, my first Framework.  As a result, I am now skilled in CSS, XHTML, Javascript.  There is too much cool stuff you can do with rails.  That is what makes learning Rails fun and easy with the elegance of Ruby.  I can't wait to get <i>crazy</i> good with Ror and put my ideas into world wide production.  Rails Form is awesome!  Thanks to all that make it happen.


Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Vincent Woo
Age: 24 years old
Occupation: Freelancer
Location: Vancouver BC
What brought you to Rails Forum? To become more involved in the Rails community.
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? Used Rails for a high school news website.

Vincent Woo Ruby on Rails Blog


Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Ciaran Foley

Age: 29

Occupation: Freelance Web Developer & Designer. On retainer for a number of Fortune 50 Companies. 10 Years experience designing & developing web apps.

Location: New York, NY

What brought you to Rails Forum? Looking for a place to expand my knowledge of RoR

How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? Just learning it right now. Haven't used it to build anything yet. Been playing around with it since it came out really, but haven't really had the time to work with it on an enterprise level yet or on a releasable products.

Website: ciaranfoley.com

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Jason Deppen
Age: 28
Occupation: Own a RE/MAX real estate team. Aspiring web geek!
Location: Elizabethtown, KY
What brought you to Rails Forum? Ryan Bates / Railscasts.com
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? Learning right now (everything I can). I'm having a Real Estate site built by Voltaic Commerce. I will be attending the Rails Studio September 19-21 in Denver, CO.
Words of advice: Not much advice to give yet. I guess like everything else in life, just become an education junky and don't be afraid to get your feet wet.



Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Christopher Johnson
Age: 19 years old
Occupation: University Student
Location: Australia, South Australia
What brought you to Rails Forum? I am begining to learn Ruby on Rails and thought that it would be a good idea to find a suitable forum incase I ran into any difficulties. Rails forum was one of the higher ranked sites on Google so I decided to sign up and check it out. I have recently ordered a book from Sitepoint on Rails and as soon as my exams are over I will be getting stuck into it.
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? At the moment I have very little experience with Rails. I intend to use it to program my blog and then hopefully move onto using it on a few other websites.

Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Juanma Cervera
Age: 42 years old
Occupation: Programmer
Location: Castell

Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Chris Your
Age: 26
Occupation: Programmer/Designer (primarily Flash)
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What brought you to Rails Forum?
Google searching 'rails + forum'

How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails?
I already own my own design studio (which Flash/PHP are the main tools), but I'm currently working on an online start-up using Ruby on Rails.

Why is this the best forum ever?
I have given up on forum life for probably 7 years now. Coming from the world of design and Flash, it seemed every forum out there was full of competition, jealousy, and petty arguments. Then I found the Rails Forum - a place where people are actually trying to lend a hand in the Rails community. Watching people like Ryan Bates help others learn is a great thing. I hope to contribute to this forum as I get up to speed with Rails.


Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Brad Huber
Age: 25
Occupation: Web Developer for a New Orleans-based web design company
Location: New Orleans, LA

What brought you to Rails Forum? Looking for a better way to export to Excel than the method shown on HowToExportToExcel on the rubyonrails wiki. (Didnt find one, but I got it working anyways)

How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? The company I work for is building an internal project management system, and I've started helping out with it. I've only been here 2 months, and really only been programming for the web for 2 months (and only in PHP at that). So the past 3 weeks using Ruby on Rails has been interesting. Our company is also thinking about using Rails for any large-scale programming jobs in the future, so I may be getting plenty of chances to use Rails even after our Project Mgmt system is finished.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Andrew Sang
Age: 30 years old
Occupation: Web Application Design Hustler
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
What brought you to Rails Forum? I live in Kenya, the number of companies just now    understanding what a web application can do for them.....
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? Not yet, but deperately need to learn. Fast!!!


Re: Introduce yourself!

Name: Ryan
Age: 19
Occupation: Ruby on Rails Developer
Location: South Australia
What brought you to Rails Forum? Looking for forum software developed in rails, via google.
How do you use Ruby/Ruby on Rails? I use mainly for my job. We're developing a trip-management system which lets users book ferries, accommodation, coach tours, rental cars and  flights and presents it all in a neat and simple way. I also use it to code my own blog.