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I am professionally and educated as a designer however over past year I have been playing about with PHP/ASP and now settled on Ruby on Rails. I have started at the beginning and have learned Ruby and moving onto rails by learning the Agile Web Developement Book.

My question is looking at the next step after the standard books. Can any one suggest some books or tutorials about good practices for MVC and database design. I think I need to tackle this so I can efficently tackle my own sites/apps.


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I'd recommend Head First Design Patterns for the MVC-related book, even though it covers much more than MVC. It provides the guiding OOP principles that motivate the use of the MVC pattern, as well as many others. They use Java as their language for sample code but that shouldn't deter anyone as it is easy to see the intent behind the code whether you know Java or not. And if you're not familiar with the Head First series, it was created by people who understand how our brains work so it's very readable for a programming book.

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thanks I had a look at that before from another post. I looked quite good but the fact was in Java put me off, if you say it applies to all OOP then it should be fine. Does it cover Database design as well?

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A lot of the good refactoring/OO books use Java for their sample code so I definitely think you're better off reading them anyway. The principles should apply equally to Ruby.

Head First Design Patterns doesn't cover database design. It's been such a long time since I learned that that I don't have any recommendations. But you might start here:

It's more theoretical than practical beyond 3rd normal form- 3NF is what you strive for in the absence of real-world considerations like performance.

The bibliography on that page and any related pages might be a good place to start a reading list.

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As a professionally trained designer who also used to use PHP to develop sites, I've found the rails/ruby books released by to be the most useful. Reading about MVC theory is all well and good, but that's a whole topic unto itself. I'd concern myself with learning the ROR framework first. Get comfortable with it by developing test applications and then if you want to expand your MVC knowledge after, you can.

I think that ROR's structure is set up in such a way that you will learn the ROR way of doing MVC, by just learning ROR.

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thanks McGee having been listening to a lot of Podcasts and stuff and think you are right a lot of designers with a little development knowledge seem to suggest the same things.

I have understood most of the Ruby for Rails articles I've read now its a case of just going through demo apps and getting my head around it.