Topic: new rails site launched

Actually it's been out there for a couple of months but it took a while to build relationship with affiliate merchants so feature wise it finally gets to where I wanted. smile

a lot of credits goes to Rick/Courtenay who developed Altered Beast which is kinda a starting point in my project


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Re: new rails site launched

Looks pretty good, and responsive, too.

Just a few suggestions:
1. Search is only for forums. Would be helpful to search the deals.
2. Should the 'post my deal' link be more prominent? Seems like a major factor on the site, but it's hidden away. After all, without posts there's nothing to shop for.
3. You have a lot of HTML validation errors...

Good luck with your site!

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Re: new rails site launched

Congratulations. How long did it take you to develop such a site?

I've been using RoR for a while now but only on a part-time basis.

I've recently signed up to Heroku who is running a beta.

So far, the experience has been good.  Few issues but have managed to do the tweaking myself.