Topic: Starting Ruby on Rails: Introduction

I am personally just learning how to use ruby on rails. I thought if I make tutorials as I learn, I could learn rails much better. Last month, I uploaded my first video tutorial on YouTube, and Vimeo. I recommend the Vimeo version.

TRANSCRIPT: … roduction/

The tutorials briefly mentions what Ruby on Rails is, but the main focus is how to install software you need for future tutorials. Only after the tutorial I realized that I should of talked about MVC too, but I guess I'll leave that for the next tutorial. At least I mentioned these forums for help in the video.

I am planning to do more tutorials, but it's taking me a while because of multiple things. One, I am figuring out how to divide up my tutorials, and what subjects to talk about. I really want to go in depth about everything. And the Second problem is that I am making new graphics so it looks better. The graphics needed to be redone anyway because I am moving to widescreen, and take advantage of Vimeo's HD feature.

I hope you find the tutorial useful. I am maybe new, but I try to be informative.