Topic: Nicer server console for Windows users (than cmd promt)

Are you fed up with the small and unreadable cmd promt for your rails console?
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Here is how mine looks like.
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1. Creating a shortcut
Right click -> New -> Shortcut.
Just hit Next to finish the Guide.
Now right click on the new shortcut, and open the properties.

2. Shortcut setup
Change the Target to: C:\Apps\start_server.cmd
(Change the directory to your liking. We will create start_server.cmd later)
Change the Starts in to your application's root path.

Now go to the Font tab and change the font to your liking. Heres mine:

And the last tab is Layout
Experiment to get the window size you want. And set the buffer quite high. The buffer height determines how many lines you can scroll "up" in your window.

3. Creating start_server.cmd
Create a simple .txt file.
Open it and enter a single line:
ruby script/server
Save and close. Now rename the extension (.txt) to .cmd.
(Remember to put it in the folder you specified in the shortcut's Target property)

4. Colors
You can customize the background-color and text-color too, in the Colors tab ofc smile

5. Done!
Now try out your new shortcut! big_smile

I hope at least someone will enjoy this smile

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