Topic: Instant Rails Windows MySQL lost connection fix

figured i'd throw it up here, spent the last couple hours working it out.  what was especially cruel was that i was able to get the cookbook app running, but when i went to scaffold my first controller the db connection broke.

here's where you get the fix ->

you have to replace a file in your install with one he (roderick van domburg) wrote, then install a seperate copy of MySQL on your box in order to compile a new libmysql.dll and put that in your ruby/bin directory. 

worked for me anyways.

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Re: Instant Rails Windows MySQL lost connection fix

Thanks for the tip.  I predomintly use Mac OSX at home but at work I've got a Win XP laptop so I use Instant Rails and Radrails and this was a problem I had for the past few days which I've now been able to fix so thanks again.