Topic: Memcache-client can't be accessed anywhere

I've really pulled my hair out on this one.  And documentation is almost non-existent.  Please, please help.

I've been using memcache-client for session stuff for about a year.  Works perfectly, no hiccups.

Now I would like to cache static query data in memcache.  But I can't access the Cache object from ANYWHERE.

Let's say I have a controller called MapController.rb.  And I try to do this:

if Cache.get(key)
  result = Cache.get(key)

I get:

uninitialized constant MapController::Cache

Same thing if I move that code into a model.

Why, why, WHY can't rails see that object?  The documentation clearly states that Rails loads memcache-client AUTOMATICALLY.  This wrapper lives in a file called memcache-util.rb.  Here is the doc:

"Rails will automatically load the memcache-client gem, but you may need to uninstall Ruby-memcache, I don

Re: Memcache-client can't be accessed anywhere

Its too late to answer this query but for the benefit of others -

this must be happening only in development mode. you need to add this line in the beginning of your controller -

require_dependency 'Map'

hope that helps.