Topic: [resolved] Netbeans view completion

I there,

I try to complete something like lia => link_to_action .

If I try direct lia it's ok. But when I try a ctrl + space, it say me "no suggestion" and I can't have completion working anymore ?

Does anyone have some trouble with the view completion in rails ?


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Re: [resolved] Netbeans view completion

Do you have the most recent version of NetBeans?

The only thing I really use NetBeans for is to compile Java apps, and the completion (obviously... tongue) works for that. Maybe there is an extension you could try installing to make it work better, it's hard to say.

Have you tried posting something on the SDN forums in the NetBeans forum? I know they can be real sharks sometimes on there, but in the end, they help fix all of your issues. wink

Re: [resolved] Netbeans view completion

As far as I remember it was my mistake :$

I'm use to Gedit way, when you are on a rhtml mode, lia + tab will produce <%= Link_to .... %> but on Netbeans you need to print this <%= %> before using lia. So it means doing r + tab and then lia + tab.