Topic: Using Effect.Parallel with the Helper

Does anyone know the correct syntax to make the Parallel effect work? It's supposed to take an array of visual effects as its first parameter:

new Effect.Parallel([array of subeffects], [options]);

But when I try using it in Rails, the helper screws up the syntax:
(from the page source:)
onMouseOut="new Effect.Parallel(["new Effect.Opacity(\"link1\",{});", "new Effect.Opacity(\"nav1\",{});"],

You can see that it puts quotes around the new effects inside the array and does some other funky stuff with backslashes. The code should look like this:
onMouseOut="new Effect.Parallel([new Effect.Opacity("link1",{}),new Effect.Opacity("nav1",{})],{}

How do I make it return the correct syntax for this effect?