Topic: Remote File Editing in Radrails ?

As I just started working on RadRails IDE and I was wondering if I could find an option to access and edit remote files. I am just looking for a way which would allow me to edit the files remotely through RadRails as I do with Dreamweaver.

Any prompt reply would be appreciated.

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Re: Remote File Editing in Radrails ?

I don't think RadRails has this capability, however there's probably a plug-in for eclipse that does what you want. … mp;spell=1

Re: Remote File Editing in Radrails ?

That's true, RadRails (Eclipse in general) do not offet ftp access to web sites. But in the pre-rails age i tried an ftp plugin to access to remote website but it was buggy and it causes the famous non-responding state every minute so i gave-up.