Topic: Self-learning Video on Demand website made with Rails 2.2.2


here is our self learning video on demand website. It is developed in Ruby on Rails from 1.2 to the latest 2.2.2 release. We offer streamed videos for people who want to get better on various IT topics. We have integrated a credit card payment system and paypal. The website is in french, using I18n we will soon launch an english version of it.

Some technical specs:
- DB: PostgreSQL 8.3
- Web server: Nginx + Thin cluster
- Server: Xen 3.2.1 with Debian Etch Dom0 and DomUs
- Deployment: a custom bash script with Mercurial. We hate Capistrano as it always blows in our face

- restful-authentication

We only experienced one crash of the Rails domU over 6 months of operation during testing and production. The memory got saturated and it became unresponsive.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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