Topic: Git and multiple clients

Hi all

I am using git to manage a couple of independant apps, now I need some more advanced functionality and I am stuck.

I have a Rails app, let's call it MillionDollarApp :-) It is made specially for one client. Now I want to make a generic version of the app to serve as a template so when I get more clients, I can just use git to make a new dir. with the newest generic version and start adapting it to the new client's special needs. At the same time I want to be able to get changes made in the generic version out to my client folders if necessary (and the other way around).

The existing app is already in a git repository, so I guess I somehow have to make this a "slave" of a new repository I create?

Can one of you git masters help here?



Re: Git and multiple clients

You'll want to git-branch. … ranch.html

You can maintain one local repo with multiple branches, and with each branch you can maintain a separate set of code, so to speak. You can then push from each branch independently with ./git push [remote] [branch] where [remote] is the remote, or 'client' repo you are pushing to and [branch] is the name of the branch you want to push.

Switching between branches is done with git-checkout … ckout.html

The git documentation is really good, check it out and it will probably answer most of your questions.