Topic: Reorganization

The rest of the staff and I decided that the old way we had our forums organized didn't really mesh well with the current forum offerings here. So we reorganized them a bit. Some highlights:

Category changes
There's no longer a distinction between "beginner" forums and "regular" forums. The new categories are "Setup", "Planning", and "Coding" to highlight the various stages in app development you might be in when you ask a question. Hopefully this way will make more sense than what we had before.

Forum removal
We got rid of the Beginning Rails forum because many of those questions and questions in the General Rails forum overlapped in difficulty level. So now there's just one forum for any Rails programming issues. All old posts from the Beginning Rails forum are in the Rails Programming forum, so no questions were lost in the move smile

New forum: deployment
Of course, we couldn't take something away without giving something back, so we added a Deployment forum for your production needs. We were getting a lot of hosting/deployment questions in the Setting Up Rails forum, so we split it into Installing Rails (for questions like "How do I install gems?") and Deployment (for questions like "How best to deploy my app on 10 servers at once?").

We hope these changes make your time here at Rails Forum a little easier. Have a great day!

vinnie - rails forum admin

Re: Reorganization

Very nice re-org!

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