Topic: Mephisto on MediaTemple

Just trying to install this on MediaTemple's servers and I am following this tutorial: … dia+Temple

I am having trouble at the part where I do this:

rake db:bootstrap RAILS_ENV=production

Gives me the following error when I do a trace:

** Invoke db:bootstrap (first_time)
** Execute db:bootstrap
mkdir -p /home/12345/containers/rails/mephisto/config/../log
** Execute environment
rake aborted!
undefined method `class_variable_set' for WhiteListHelper:Module

Anyone done this before? What might be wrong?


Re: Mephisto on MediaTemple

I installed mephisto on a grid server with this tut - … rid-server , I believe it is exacly the same as the page you use.

I had that same error.
What fixed it for me was getting the latest stable release from the svn tags.
This was on 8/12/2006

Re: Mephisto on MediaTemple

Okay that did seem to help. Thanks!