Topic: Suggestions for Photo Gallery

I'd like to make a photo gallery formatted as follows:

There's a single large 'frame' in which the image changes as the cursor is moved over thumbnails. I've seen JavaScript used for this effect - but the scripts get really bloated as the # of images grow. I've also seen the CSS :hover pseudo class used to sort of achieve this.
But in CSS, when the cursor moves off the thumbnail, the frame image goes blank.

This probably doesn't fit into the Rails domain...but anyone know of alternatives for getting this 'look and feel'?


Re: Suggestions for Photo Gallery

If you really wanted to do a server-based approach, you could use rjs to do. The RJS would tell the page to replace the content of the div that you call a frame with updated content.

Re: Suggestions for Photo Gallery

Yes! The RJS solution hadn't occurred to me (rather new to Rails).

I wonder which implementation makes "more sense"..RJS or JavaScript?
Any thoughts?
Thanks for you suggestion!