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hi  guys

i am newbie for rails and in my application i need to develop page like we see in,, how to start to get such type of functionality
plz help me?


Re: scriptagloucs

just open the terminal and run: rails --d=mysql pageflakes

this is a new feature in rails, an application that uses pageflakes, ultra cool! It's like magic as everything else in Rails! Or start here,, and learn more about javascript and ajax requests.

Re: scriptagloucs

@vermin the admin in me is thinking that was a little mean to do to a noob. The developer in me wants to also add that for the front end, you just need to open Photoshop and go to Filters - Render  - Cool layout (note, this assumes you have Photoshop CS2+).

Personally, if I were doing one of these sites, for the front-end, I would go with jQuery + the Interface plug-in over prototype/scriptaculous. I just like jQuery better and find it more flexibile and easier to use. Plus, there are a lot more plug-ins available.

There's a good Railscast on integrating jQuery with your rails app here: