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Maybe I'm the only one, but after joining just a few minutes ago I couldn't find any information about using this forum. Not that I needed general help, but some format rules would be nice to know.

I found the "code" tag just by try-and-error... Maybe it would be nicer to tell the newbies in the forum how to format their code properly.

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Hmmm, that's a good idea.

What do you think would be the best way to do this?  A sticky topic somewhere?  What do you recommend?

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I agree with the suggestion. I always look for this when I'm typing a reply, so if possible it would be great to add a link to a help page right near the Submit and Preview buttons.

I only ever look at posts since my last visit so I rarely see sticky posts. But if it was there then I'd at least be able to find it.

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There are a few links under the quick post box that explain bbcode, images, and smilies. I've highlighted them in this picture.

Here's the link to the bbcode syntax. It's basically unaltered except we allow the language to be specified in the code tag. So for example, [ code=ruby ][ /code ] will specify that the code is written in Ruby.

This could all be in a better place though, you're right. I'll look into creating a more detailed thread about what can be done on the forums. smile

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Good point. I was always too lazy to follow those links. My bad.

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I think a dedicated "FAQ" section that houses user guidelines and tips on things like formatting code, etc. will be a welcome addition to the site. Right now, we're sort of concentrating on getting stuff ready for an eventual switch-over to different (RoR-based) forum software.  All of these new ideas and features, though, can/should/will come with that.

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Ah, ok, so we wait for the new forum. smile

In general: I don't like sticky topics, they clutter up the forum, I never read them (I think most users ignore them) and they are never there if you need them (because they are in one or the other subforum. I'd like a dedicated help/info page, perhaps in the main menu bar.

I don't know why I didn't follow the links below - I saw the "img tag: on" link and figured that there might be a "code" tag.. Don't know why I never clicked on them... :\