Topic: nuoby question about onclick()

Hi everyone
I have been setting up my site to work with google maps.
I have a find page which contains the maps, and i wish to link to this page from my sidebar (present on all pages).

I use the code:

<a href="find.html" onclick="find();return false;">find us</a>

If i happen to be on the find.html page it works fine, but if i am on any other page, it redirects but does not display the map.

Please, does anyone know why?

Many thanks

Re: nuoby question about onclick()

It really depends on what the contents of the find() function are, what's on the find.html page and what's the difference between that page and others.  Can you post your code to let folks here try to figure it out?

Re: nuoby question about onclick()

Thankyou Danger fot taking the time to reply, i have since solved this problem. Thanks